25/11/2012 on Lianhe Wanbao

English Translation

Ambulance driver unlicensed driving patients and caused the death of

Ambulance runaway rushed embankment, resulting in one death and two injuries, and the driver holds a fake driver's license after the incident fled the scene, eventually arrested by the police.

The accident occurred at 0:30 last Tuesday (the 20th) place at Clementi Road.

The witnesses said that ambulances, a windshield shedding off the grass, I believe the powerful force of a car accident crash.

Car accident caused three to be sent to hospital, including a pair of sixty year old couple and a female health care worker. Among them, an old bleeding woman with 9 ribs fractures who died two days later.

The old woman's daughter, call the United Evening News "yesterday, informed the real situation through newspaper reports.

She said in an interview in the hall, the the mother suffers third of renal failure, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday dialysis. As she is frail, with only wheelchair mobility, she had to shuttle back and forth to the NKF by private ambulance.




车祸导致三人送院,包括一对六旬夫妇和一名女医护人员。其中,老妇内出血,9根肋骨断裂,两天 后伤重不治。


她在灵堂接受访问时说,母亲患有第三期肾衰竭,每周二、四、六需要洗肾。由于身体虚弱,坐轮椅行动不便,只 好由私人救护车来回接送。

女死者肾衰竭,原有两年寿命,勇敢抗病魔却遭车祸夺命;NKF发言人:已终止救护车公司合同。完整报道,请 翻阅25.11.2012《联合晚报》。