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Post Info TOPIC: Many Questions by New TDVL

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Many Questions by New TDVL

Here are all my questions as a new TDVL:

1) Is SMRT the best for hirer? I have survey the rental rates/ packages & found that both SMRT & Transcab offers the best incentive. SMRT has the best overall package in terms of workshop, call center & company support. While Transcab offers the best incentive because they offer advance rental payment incentive.

2) Is there a need to have a relief? Are female relief better?

3) Is there a need to rely on Comfort call center? Does Comfort call center offers quality on call jobs (not home mover, courier or drunken customer)?

4) I have intention to move up to limo cab; will it be wiser to start from SMRT or Comfort? I understand that there¡¯s no rental incentive for limo across all company & SMRT & Comfort require partners to attend in house course.

5) Other than Grab & Uber, is there a need to use Hailo, Connex, Moobi apps or subscribe to third party call center such as Boon Lay Garden Radio Taxi Services, Taman Jurong Radiophone Taxi Services & Islandlink Limousines & Cabs? I hear that the third part call center offers good private job & Tuas job (in case previous passenger goes Tuas) better than taxi company call center.

6) How to partner & get private job with hotel, country club or free & easy tour agent etc?

7) What¡¯s the best GPS? Or can the GPS on the MDT is good enough?

8) What other apps to standby?

9) What are the other accessory or item I need to buy, prepare or standby?

10) What¡¯s the best petrol card for Taxi driver?

11) Where to buy black market diesel? Diesel or petrol taxi?

12) What¡¯s the best time to start work if I were to drive 14-16hr/ day?

13) From 6am-9am, where are the places to get customer?

14) From 10am-1pm, where are the places to get customer?

15) From 1pm-4pm, where are the places to get customer?

16) Is CBD the best place to get customer?

17) Night shift, where are the best places to get customer?

18) What¡¯s the newbie failure rate?

19) Any other detail which I have missed out?

Please advice. Thank you!


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Newbie go fly kite lah. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Don¡¯t come break our rice bowl. Market not doing well. Our earning is $900/mth. Uber has exceeded taxi population by 4x. Pax who hail taxi are robber or run away fare type because unlike Uber, their identity can¡¯t be trace. Many have been murdered by them. Others die or jail after traffic accident because we need to drive like F1 to earn more. With Uber coming in, gone are the days where driver can earn $3-6k or $15k for limo.

You need a master degree & be an ex CEO or social escort to drive limo. Some gay ang moh may even want to f you from the back. Once complaint goes to company, driver gets it again.

Recently, there¡¯s a berserk case of taxi driver throwing stone on Uber car on AYE. Don¡¯t think drive Uber will make you rich because there are far too many. Unless there¡¯s a policy to cut down Uber population, then the pie will be healthy.

98% newbies all fail in this industry. SMRT & all others are a scam just like Uber. They will tie you with contract & you can¡¯t give up even you lost money daily. Or you¡¯ll be sue & go jail. See carefully, all taxi company now has 10000 cars each w/o hirer.

Rumor Transcab driver earn money from accident, be it lost or win case & not from driving. They have an in house lawyer to settle this.

SMRT have strict rules like Comfort & has a not many pax on call.

Uber has overthrown call center. Now Comfort call center is as quiet as the rest. In the past, Comfort on call was for night shift relief only & that¡¯s where crime happens.

Female relief will make you sway & they don¡¯t check blind spot, sure accident. Now market is you need to drive 16hr daily to cover, not easy to get a relief for the last 8hr.

Radio taxi has old bird who¡¯ll hack your signal & snatch your pax. As for private job tie up, Uber has over throw this.

If you need GPS or other apps, you are not a pro. Pax will not give you time to use it or even read street directory.

Pump black market diesel, company will sue you when car spoil & you go jail. Petrol taxi don¡¯t perform up to the spec. The Prius battery pack is just another Samsung Note 7 or washing machine that has killed many. The lowest fuel is the Macau taxi Toyota Corona (not Crown) used during the 80s here.

The only cab that makes money is the London cab wheelchair service & the 8 vacancy is full.

In conclusion, most cabby now do sideline as a junket for vice industry or tie up with panel beating workshop to target min 2 accident fraud monthly. For newbie, unless you can afford 1yr rental school fee to learn these tricks then you can join this line. Please don¡¯t come in to make our pie small. Therefore no one will teach you the trade secret in forum or kopi shop. Later he no makan liao.

So whatever I say equal no say. Ha! Ha! Ha!

All the worst to you. Worst of luck. Wish you ill health ill fortune. Sway ah.

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